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Value-Sports Bodykit 2016/08/17 10:07 Michael
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  └2016/08/18 09:27 Michael

Value-Sports Bodykit
Michael 2016/08/17 10:07

Hello, I am looking for the Value-Sports bodykit complete or separate parts - bumper front & rear, side skirts etc. Anyone have for sale? Please let me know :) - mnicholls@gerardlighting.com.au My Facebook page for Honda City! - https://www.facebook.com/Honda-City-Turbo-II-1486462251566284/


Re: Value-Sports Bodykit
ぐっち 2016/08/17 19:55

I you I love City turbo. I also love the City turbo. You are looking for things would be this.



Re: Value-Sports Bodykit
Michael 2016/08/18 09:27

Hello! Thankyou for the reply. Yes that is what I am looking for, however that Company is closed? I have called & emailed but no response. I think closed since 2006. I try to find the owner of the yellow cabriolet 'Pitboy' but cannot find him. Currently I am making my own Widebody kit on a Turbo 1.